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Delicious Organic Coffee Minus The Buzz

Ayurvedic Roast stands out as a 100% certified organic herbal coffee alternative, carefully crafted from organic roasted barley, rye, and chicory. Its robust flavor mirrors that of authentic coffee, complemented by the inclusion of three organic Ayurvedic herbs—ashwagandha, shatavari, and brahmi—known for their antioxidant, adaptogenic, and immunity-boosting properties. Boasting a deep, nutty profile, Ayurvedic Roast provides energy sans the caffeine jitters or coffee's acidic aftermath. If you're seeking to break free from coffee or caffeine dependence, and previous substitutes have fallen short, kickstart your day with Ayurvedic Roast! This gourmet blend, a fusion of roasted barley, chicory, and rye, harmonizes seamlessly with the Ayurvedic trio. Caffeine-free, vegan, and non-acidic, it's a delightful departure from traditional coffee without compromising on taste.

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The Definition Of Fresh and Rich

A one of a kind blend 'Original Roast,' a superior single-serve coffee blend. Crafted from a signature combination of top-tier gourmet coffees, this premium blend ensures a luxuriously rich and delightful cup every time. The airtight sealing of each coffee capsule preserves freshness by eliminating oxygen exposure. Its enhanced filter design prevents coffee from rushing through the center, enhancing absorption of grounds for a vibrant and lively brew, all while maintaining an efficient brewing process.

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Your Daily Dose Of “Meow”

Hailing from various corners of the globe, Kitty Town Coffee’s selection is truly diverse, with a particular focus on expertly roasting delectable medium blends sourced from South and Central America. Utilizing exclusively top-tier, ethically sourced specialty grade beans, we ensure freshness by roasting them just before dispatch, promising to brighten your mornings.

Delight in their flavored coffees, where natural goodness takes center stage—no artificial flavors added. Feel confident about every sip, knowing you're enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with only the finest ingredients.

In their commitment to a better world, we're making strides towards sustainability. Embracing biodegradable packaging and opting for carbon-neutral shipping, we aim to contribute to a more environmentally conscious and responsible coffee experience.

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Java From Above And Beyond

Initiate the dialogue... Summon the courage to engage in meaningful conversations. Every memorable chapter of life has been intertwined with the comforting embrace of coffee or tea. Through global travels, encounters with remarkable individuals, immersion in diverse cultures, and indulgence in delectable cuisines, a common thread emerges—a delightful cup of java. It's the enduring passion and ultimate source of joy. Sharing the elation of discovering the perfect cup is another passion everyone holds dear. This coffee blend is dedicated to those who crave a life lived to its fullest, appreciating every moment. Embrace the extraordinary, break free from the ordinary, and savor the richness of life!

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Freedom Within Every Sip

22 Sierra procures their specialty-grade coffee ethically and tailor the roasting process to your order. Diverging from other brands, they refrain from roasting beyond the "2nd crack" to preserve oils and ensure freshness. Quality is priority over profit margins, guaranteeing that every product is crafted exclusively from 100% Arabica beans. No compromise is made with lower-grade Robusta beans, ensuring the coffee remains smooth and free from bitterness, even in the darkest roasts.

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