What is Kitty Town Coffee all about?

Interesting name, huh? Out of a love for cats and coffee erupted affordable but delicious coffee made straight from home with care and love. Kitty Town Coffee is a very unique and wholesome coffee supplier out of Lebanon, Pensilvania from Zanetta and her husband Kenny. Come pet the kittens with us as we discover how much more than java Kitty Town Coffee really is!


How did it all start? Why the cat theme?

Kitty Town Coffee was all started by Zanetta, a kitty lover just like me! She met her kitty soulmate Sydney, a beautiful random stray cat who showed up at her doorstep one night. Falling in love with her new soulmate, Zanetta took Sydney under her wing and started Kitty Town Coffee! Perfect timing, too... Zanetta and Kenny were going through some stressful times when Sydney came at the right time to bring them peace and hope. Kenny being an engineer was stressful enough, I would know coming from the IT industry - sheesh!



"Cats and coffee have one big thing in common: they have the ability to make an ordinary moment extraordinary" ~ Zanetta

On Zanetta's side, she spent most of her time studying and working full time. One week Sydney was fine and the next she sadly passed away. Being a loving pet owner, deep down she knew something had to be done with her life. This is the time where she finally buckled up and officially started Kitty Town Coffee.


Kitty Town Coffee cat shelters and charity!

Going through how they manage their income from coffee, tells me they have no real interest in the money it brings, no. Instead, Zanetta and Kenny's approach is more in the real of charity for all the ownerless cats in shelters.

"We partner with shelters all over the country and make donations to their general fund." ~Zanetta

Coffee is donated to cat shelters and in turn the coffee which they sell, turns into income for feeding all those beautiful furry souls! I told you they were unique!

Every month a lucky shelter is chose to be a sponsor of Kitty Town Coffee, so if you have a cat shelter you may be a lucky sponsor one day. Or even better, you may have the chance to have a coffee specially named after your furry friend. Zanetta is always open for submissions, so if you have a compelling cat story to tell - you might have a chance!


Fresh and ethical grounded coffee

And the whereabouts of this smooth tasting coffee? Kitty Town Coffee keeps it real and harvest from the lovely farmers who harvest coffee beans ethically. Their main focus are South American coffee beans due to their smoothness and low acidity taste. Unlike those big cheap brand names who roast 2+ year old coffee, Kitty Town Coffee roasts your beans from 3-5 days a week. This guarantee's your bag of joe is fresh as it comes!

Not only is their coffee super fresh but they also strive to keep it nice and clean from allergens, sugar and gluten. This makes their coffee selection great for vegan diets to keep you nice and healthy. But it doesn't end there. Unlike many coffee suppliers who lock you down to a small selection of grinds, Kitty Town Coffee offers whole bean, regular, french press, pour over, and espresso grinds!


Where can I buy Kitty Town Coffee?

We happen to be a 3rd party vendor of Kitty Town Coffee, but they sell it themselves on their website as well. If you're more of a local shopper, you can find a map of all locations where you can find their tasty brews. You can even support both Kitty Town Coffee and your local cat shelter if they're being sponsored at the moment of reading this! On their homepage, you will find a heading called "Rescue of the Month" and this will mention which is the lucky cat shelter you can support.


Delicious coffee from humble beginnings

From humble beginnings and a strive for honesty and transparency, Kitty Town Coffee is one of those truly unique brands worth supporting no matter where you find them. Follow the money as they say, yes? One way or another your support will reach them and encourage Zanetta and Kenny to continue their kitty mission. Happy brewing!

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